PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Effective PPE is vital to provide the protection your workforce requires in order to work safely and ensure that all employment laws are complied with. 

The future of food service and many other businesses will change forever. Here we have a special selection of products and ideas to help you to prepare for the new normal.


State-of-the-art cleaning chemicals to the latest developments in mopping technology, keeping your venue clean, hygienic and safe

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Protect yoursleves with disposable clothing


Social distancing is the new normal. We can help you with solutions for entrances and exits to guide your guests at a safe distance through your business.


HyGenikx is an advanced and compact, wall mounted hygiene amplification system, proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the food service & hospitality environment, washrooms, changing rooms and beyond, in terms of applications.


Acrylic safety screens reduces

exposure between your

employees and customers.


To keep your and your guests' hands clean, we have a wide range of hand sanitisers, dispensers and mobile sinks.

UK Stock - Next Day Delivery Available (subject to couriers)  KN95 FFP2 Face Masks CE Certified  as recommended by World Health Organisation

Discussion PPE KN95 FFP2 Face Masks - What are they?

FFP2 vs N95 vs KN95

All respirator masks are graded based on how much protection they offer. Each country has a different grading system for the equivalent masks. FFP2 is the UK/EU version, N95 is the US version and KN95 is the version used in China.

All these masks offer the same level of protection and they protect against materials at concentrations up to 12x OEL or 10x APF (assigned protection factor).

Are the masks re-usable?

These masks are not marketed as re-usable masks because they are considered dust masks are usually intended for use in a construction environment.

However, the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) directive indicates that a mouth mask can be reused as long as it "maintains its structural and functional integrity and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled".

Are the face masks washable?

The masks are not being advertised as washable, however, customers have let us know that they have washed their masks and experienced good and not so good results.

How do I use FFP2 masks?

These face masks are easy to use and can be worn by anyone. To fit, simply hold the mask and place it over your nose and mouth. Bring both elasticated headbands over your head and adjust the position until it’s comfortable. 

The bottom elasticated headband should sit at the nape of your neck and the top elasticated headband should sit just above the crest of your head (the widest part).

Once the mask is in place, you can adjust the fitting on your nose by pinching or moving the metal bridge section so that it fits closely but without being too tight.

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